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Cibachrome Painting 1981 - 2001

Piezo Electric New York
Allocations New York
Albany Museum of Art Georgia
Leyendecker Tenerifa
Museum Ludwig

"In a kind of post-Smithson gesture, Pocock establishes the conditions by which the visual field can produce itself as a kind of framed chemical spill wherein the codes of representation and abstraction melt down into a hybrid state. (painting, photography, photography, painting, meta-painting, meta-photograph)"

JOSHUA DECTER , in Ambiguities of Certainty: Curtis Anderson, Adam Fuss, James Nares, Philip Pocock, Peter Shuyff, Andrés Serrano, Casa Cultura Tenerifa catalogue, 1991.

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PHILIP POCOCK studio, Cibachrome Painting sink setup, New York, 1984.